The Climate Times Premier Issue

As The Climate Times online newspaper publishes our premier release, I want to explain what we hope to accomplish with this newspaper and with the other major actions of our non-profit group of the same name, The Climate Times. As the title implies, we are very aware of the existential nature of the world-wide challenge that is climate change, and we are in business to stop it. Obviously, we take this challenge very seriously. The words published in the essays and editorial content of The Climate Times will represent the best knowledge of climate change Scientists and Activists in the United States and beyond.  It will be published with this release will add new essays and editorial content as well as an archive of selected earlier pieces.

This is my second venture into the world of publishing an environmental periodical. My first was called the Appalachian Voices, a hard-copy newspaper (still is) distributed over nine states by the considerable efforts of the non-profit, Appalachian Voices, also based as are we, in Boone, North Carolina. The Voice is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The Climate Times “business model” is mainly built around interviews that I, as a cultural anthropologist do, with aforementioned scientists and activists. We feel that environmental content, even daily relative short and current information is readily available. We have chosen instead, to publish current content as it become available. I feel that given our interview platform with well-known and highly qualified scientists and activists in the climate change field, we can faithfully represent the best and most trustworthy, public-friendly information available in an essay, feature-length format that is not nearly as available as the much shorter journalistic format. We see this as our niche in the challenging world of climate change publishing. We will also publish editorials and Letters to the Editor, both of which are appearing in this premier release.

Obviously, we are striving to present information that is provided us by the best professionals in the climate change field. When it comes to the best science, we strive to present cutting-edge material that is of course comprehensible by other scientists, but also and very importantly as stated above, by the public. Over my career, all of my writing as a social (anthropology) and physical (especially geology and physics) scientist, has been for the public. I am currently writing my third book, and all three represent a scientific base intended principally for the general public.

I implore you, our first-ever readers, to give us feedback! Does the format work? You will be part of our grand experiment to see if there is enough interest in our level of climate change material to make it worth your while and thus, ours . Thank you.

Before signing off for now, I want to make one thing clear. The Climate Times, besides publishing this online newspaper, is partnering with principally NC WARN of Durham, North Carolina, in halting Duke Energy’s plans to make world-wide climate change much worse through the installation of more natural gas power plants over the next 10-15 years. Natural gas is 90+% methane, which is more than 100x stronger than CO2 over its first 10 years in the Earth’s atmosphere.  Duke is currently the largest utility in the United States and is the largest climate polluter as well. We pledge to use every legal means to prevent Duke from continuing the use of fossil fuels, especially its current emphasis on natural gas. We are also actively encouraging them to instead switch to energy conservation, as well as solar and wind power.

Dr. Harvard Ayers, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Sustainable Development, retired
Editor, The Climate Times